Community Project Detail

Subject: Create and Donate Thank You Cards for U.S. Soldiers
Email Address: projectsupport@CommunityServiceMadeEasy.org
State: All States
School: All Schools
Date & Time: Jul 13, 2020 08:20 AM
Full Name: Community Service Made Easy
Event Description: Get one of our Thank You Cards for U.S. Soldiers Projects on our website and organize your own fun community service project on campus.

Your chapter can color in our Thank You Cards which take between 10-15 minutes each to color, and then after they are done, bring them over to the ROTC office on campus, or the local Army, Navy, or Marines recruiting station and donate them. If you need help finding somewhere to donate, we can help and give you some options.

You can also partner with other Greek orgs and create them together, or do a tabling event on campus and ask students walking by to stop and color a card for a few minutes.

Fun, simple, team-building, and meaningful.

Our nonprofit makes a variety of easy (and fun) service projects that you can do any time of the year and with any size group. At a chapter meeting, social event, inter-chapter event, Greek week, even a Regional and National Conference - our projects are able to help any size group run a project that gets
Link: www.CommunityServiceMadeEasy.org
Date Posted: Apr 19, 2019 07:19 PM